Armed and Dangerous


Attack on Paramedic: One paramedic were assaulted by two insanes men in Belgium.

'Brutal and sickening': one paramedic partner of NAAB Ambulance Service attacked !

MONS, Belgium — Two "dangerous men"— Dany Blairon and Angelo Rizzo — who allegedly punched him in the face in the back of an ambulance is the director of "SPRL Wallonie Ambulance" in Belgium and his friend. They waved a cutting weapon, punctured the ambulance tire and makes death threats.

It was a scene of chaos:

The violent and vicious attack took place in a nursing home "Residence Bellevue" in Mons. The boss's friend called the NAAB Ambulance Europe call center three times (8:50AM – 2:48PM – 3:10PM). He asked for an ambulance by usurping the resident's identity. The paramedic arrived in the nursing home where he was cowardly awaited by the boss of SPRL Wallonie Ambulance and his friend. The boss of Wallonie Ambulance, Dany Blairon, punched the paramedic in the face, then pulled out a cutting weapon, punctured the ambulance's rear tire and made death threats.

False calls by the authors of the attack:

NAAB Ambulance Europe's call center received fake calls:

Death treaths and "Mafia


The NAAB Ambulance Service LLC Special Affairs Office has discovered that the number belongs to "Angelo Rizzo", the friend of the boss of sprl wallonie ambulance. This dangerous man told our French Senior Manager: "I'm the mafia and I'm going to kill you".


Paramedic bashed in face: why ??

French Senior Manager of NAAB Ambulance Service spoke to the dangerous man over the phone to reason. Unfortunately, the boss of SPRL Wallonie Ambulance reiterated the death threats against the management of NAAB and his partner.

The CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service told: "one of our paramedics partners came to his job ... and has been assaulted. I expect the full force of the law will be applied in this case." He described the attack as "brutal and sickening" and said he had also been told the man is one firefighter in Belgium. We do not want to be attacked. Being a paramedic is about helping people. It's about trying to save lives.

In America, a new law will double the maximum jail sentence for assaulting an emergency worker from six to 12 months. We hope that Belgian justice will follow this example and more! We ask the Belgian law enforcement to be attentive.


Regulation: shocking exchanges

Video of the destroyed tire

- Sound: ambush by Wallonie Ambulance, they're looking for the boss of naab*, we've got the tire destroyed, they've put pressure on us

- Paramedic: we have the tire destroyed

- Dispatch: Call the police

- No, if they look at us and we call the police, we will be hit in the head

* It's totally stupid, the CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service and the management are in the United States.

Dany Blairon: lies on Facebook


Dany Blairon, the assailant, spoke on the NAAB Ambulance Europe Facebook. He said, "I'm not there for nothing, I was not there, I'm going to complain to the police, it's publicity".


Health Authorities in Belgium are strange !


Testimonials on Facebook describe the attacker as someone crazy, liar, manipulator, thief and crook. One person was dismissed because the driver of a wheelchair-car would have refused to transport, alone, a liying patient.




AMIS de la Belgique aide nous a prouver en la justice ce qu'il se passe si tu sais des choses graves sur cet individu qui a lachement frappé un homme comme toi et donné des menaces de mort. Notre bureau des affaires speciales pourra avoir encore d'autre preuve pour donner aux autorites. Nous te disons déjà merci.

Ton Temoignage:

Merci pour ton aide !


Written by Matthew Englebert
Editor: Gweva First Corporation, Providence, Mahé, Seychelles