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Welcome to the website of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC, an international medical repatriation company.

Sanitary Rapatriation

If your family member or friend has suffered a serious injury or illness abroad, their current state of health is difficult or imprecise, a quick medical repatriation is often necessary. In such situations, we help you around the clock 24 hours a day and organize your repatriation from abroad by ambulance with experienced medical teams on board.


Services Of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC

Short-term repatriation of intensive care patients is only possible on board a medically equipped ambulance with a highly qualified medical team. We always ensure a quick and safe transfer of the patient in case of repatriation from abroad by ambulance plane. During ambulance transport, our patients are monitored by experienced medical personnel. The composition of specialist physicians is adapted to the diagnosis of the patient. The specialized medical team ensures the patient's well-being at all times and the highest possible medical safety during the entire medical repatriation. Our dispatch offices are multilingual and open 24 hours ! 

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NAAB Ambulance America

+1 302-601-7188

NAAB Ambulance Service LLC in America is the parent company. From the USA or to the USA we can take care of your ambulance transport immediately, in every state.

The Head Office Of New York:

200 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10166

United States Of America​

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NAAB Ambulance Canada

+ 1 438-448-3840

Get the results you expect from this quality service. NAAB Ambulance Service LLC in Canada is made up of qualified professionals, leveraging its experience and know-how in every mission. But what really distinguishes us from the services of our competitors is our attention to detail and the understanding of the unique needs of each patient.

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NAAB Ambulance Puerto Rico

+ 1 646-354-6525

You want to work with a Professional Ambulance Company in Puerto Rico. We provide the necessary equipment and the skills required to meet all the needs of our patients. We are committed to providing a reliable, punctual and professional service. Contact NAAB Ambulance Service LLC without delay.

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NAAB Ambulance Europe

+ 32 2 808 23 95

NAAB Ambulance is available throughout Europe. We have regular establishment units in France, Italia, Switzerland and Belgium.

Establishment In Brussels:

14 Rue Grand Bigard

1082 Bruxelles


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NAAB Ambulance Maghreb

+ 33 1 86 26 49 58  

The Maghreb countries are of considerable importance to NAAB Ambulance Service LLC. Our various agreements in Morocco, Algéria and Tunisia allow us to intervene in a very fast time. Our Maghreb staff can assist anyone who is in poor health. Contact us, whether you are an individual or a health professional. We have a solution for you.

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NAAB Ambulance Australia

+ 64 9801-1143

We are available to the people of Australia and New Zealand. NAAB Ambulance regularly performs health missions by ambulance but also by plane. Contact our local unit today to arrange your Oceania transportation.

Since 2007 NAAB Ambulance Service LLC has been providing international repatriation for thousands of patients around the world. With you, everywhere, all the time.

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